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What do woman's eyes tell about?

Eyes are the main woman's weapon. Their charm and beauty, their steel-blue shine and stubbornness make men to submit to women and make all the possible things to achieve the shine in the beloved woman's eyes in return. But as it is known a man is rarely looking into woman's eyes. This "detail" doesn't bother him a lot. Because on looking into women's eyes you can get to know many interesting things not only about woman's character, but also about her temperament. Japanese physiognomists think that in the eyes is written not only the character, but also the past, the present and the future of the person. That's why if you want to make the right choice of the Russian girl of your life, look attentively into her eyes. There is an interesting Japanese thought that if the iris of woman's eye doesn't get to the lower eyelid she tends to be aggressive, impulsive and strong. Prolonged eyes with wide eyelid belong to women who will have good material state in the future. They are thought to have happy and healthy old age. Small eyes with rare and white eyelashes tell about mean character, and economy of the woman with these eyes. These women are not silly, but they are quite interesting. They always try to follow their own way of acting. Japanese say that you should be very careful with such women. Girls with big, round and open eyes are happy creatures who will surely have happy lives, full of events. The future opens before them and they will have a lot of opportunities.

About women's eyes color

Blue eyes
This pretty baby seems to be very nice and sweet! Don't think so! But she is always sure that she can gain almost everything in her life. That's why a couple of kisses won't be enough. So you will have to do a lot for her. And there is no guarantee that you will have the same in return. (Example: Nicole Kidman).
Grey eyes
She is hard-working person. But you are not to wait for big results in bed. It is the only place where he doesn't intend to achieve good results. But if you pay more attention to the quality, not the quantity it is your choice (Example: Charlize Theron).
Hazel eyes.
It is not difficult to burn the fire of desire in her, but it's more difficult to keep it on. She is very sensitive, but at the same time she is lazy. But she won't ask for more from you too. That's why if there are few minutes lefty till the end of the dinner break you can fall into passion without hesitating. (Example: Britney Spears).
Green eyes.
She won't make it in the underground. But if you are left alone with her, you can do whatever you want, because there are no taboos for your girl friend. She can lead you to the madness with her caress. But when it comes to the matter you will be greatly disappointed with her indifference. Don't be frustrated! Because your partner is more interested in the love game, than in sex as it is. (Example: Linda Evangelista).
Grey-blue/green eyes.
It's a problem! It is very difficult to make this girl melt. And I can say that warmness of the soul doesn't stay on the last place. And if you will achieve your aim, you will the winner, because she doesn't have any complexes. She is very romantic, tender woman. (Example: Madonna).
Dark-hazel eyes.
Her impulsivity and irritability means nothing if compare them with her temperament. If you are a bit not in the proper form, you shouldn't put the date aside! She is very easy to burn. And this woman is always ready to make experiments till the very morning and uses all her imagination and tenderness for you to feel like the real man. (Example: Salma Hayek).

Look at me, honey!

Our mimicry, gestures often tell more than our words. And women's eyes is an open book. You should only know how to read it in a proper way! If you look into her deep eyes you can see what is a woman thinking in this very moment. If the girl put her eyes in the other side, but tries to follow the man's look at the same time, we can say that she is interested in the man. But if the girl looks on her legs or fixes her sight on the other things it means that she is not interested in her interlocutor at all. But if communicating with the man woman raises her eyes in a mysterious way and is looking below her interlocutor you shouldn't think that she have any romantic feelings to that man. She just thinks how she can use the man in the best way. Sometimes you can feel an extreme strength and energy in every innocent look. You can not describe this feeling of high-tension current that you have looking into these eyes. But these feelings can be feeled only by the inner world. And they tell about the affection towards to the man they are more expressive than other means.

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