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The first date with your Russian bride

As it is known Russian brides are fond of telling that they would like to go out only with the ideal man and so on. But when it comes to the concrete demands to the ideal man, they turn out to be not so heightened. We have asked our women two questions: "What are those things that appall you in a man once and forever?" and "What are those things that you like very much in them?" And according to their answers we have made a short list of the recommendations for the first date. The main thing is that you should not act as a psycho or driveller. If you take a shower, hold a door before her and do not smack your lips while eating you will win for the 80 percents! Please, read the list of the things that you should never do:
  1. You should never hurry up and be impudent.
    You shouldn't talk smut on the first date. Do not hurry up the events and don't talk about sex.
  2. You shouldn't be dirty and sloppy.
    A bad smell is the main problem. You should never go for the first date without your teeth cleaned and not looking in the mirror.
  3. You should never speak with your mouth full, scratch yourself, and delve in the nose.
    No comments.
  4. Self-admiration.
    You should never be engaged in yourself, your problems, achievements and so on. You shouldn't interrupt your Russian bride, take the initiative of the conversation, and talk only about yourself. One bride has said: "A man who is thinking only about himself never means something and never will gain any success."
  5. You shouldn't spend all evening through talking about your ex-wife or your ex-girl-friends.
    Why do men do it? You cannot forgive them till this day? Or do you want to prove that many women desire you?
Remember you should never do all things mentioned above! And besides them we would like to add some details that a woman may miss on the first date, but if they will continue to happen she will certainly pull your relationship to the end:
  • he acts in a crude way specially;
  • he is flirting with the other women;
  • he is mean;
  • he drinks a lot;
  • he humiliates other people;
  • he tries to domineer in communication;
  • he is extremely caring or envious;
  • he is dressed in a careless way;
  • he talks smut;
  • he is rude with the other people;
  • he is not attentive;
  • he looks like a desperate man (talks about a passionate love from the second date);
  • he speaks about sport or financial problems/or great wealth;
  • he tells too many compliments, which do not fit the place;
  • he burdens her much of his problems;
  • he hides his real face;
  • he talks about women in a not respective way in general.
And one more important thing in a way of reminder. If you promised to call her tomorrow, do it for sure!!! Also we would like to add some more things that are not recommended to do:
  • a negative vision of life;
  • an absence of the underwear;
  • golden teeth;
  • biting the nails;
  • dirty nails;
  • too much perfume;
  • an absence of friends;
  • telling that you are not ready for the serious relationship;
  • blowing the bubbles through the pipe into your cocktail.
Now please analyze your behavior on your previous dates and concentrate on your best sides. Here are those things that Russian brides usually want to have from their first date:
  1. He pays attention to her, and is sincerely interested in her life and her problems. He asks questions and listens to her answers. He asks how was her day and so on.
  2. He acts like a gentleman. He is polite and caring. He opens a door before her. Here are those things that women say: "He is a real gentleman. He opens a door. We go to the restaurants and to the cinema with him."
    "He never looks at me when is taking a check in the restaurant"
    "Woman estimates real gentlemen. Not only during the first date, but always."
  3. He is not far from traditional vision of courting. He gives her flowers, holds her hand, treats her with a supper, presents her postcards, and brings her champagne. As one woman said: "Girls are still fond of romantic men" or "How it is pleasant to receive flowers because a date is not a beer and playing in the bowling-club"
  4. He has a sense of humor. It doesn't mean that he should act like a great comedy actor. If you are laughing together it is a good sign for your relationship.
  5. He is kind, caring, clever, not only with his girl-friend but with all other things.
  6. He is passionate. He is not crude with a woman, but displays a physical tenderness. Women like to be touched.
  7. He is open and honest. He behaves naturally, tells about his feelings, and shares his feelings. He is not crying about all his problems, but opens slowly his inner world. It's not a bad quality of men. Many women think that it is a straight-forwardness of the character.
Here are some positive features that are often greatly appreciated:
  • he is friendly with all the people who surround him;
  • he is intelligent and smells good;
  • he looks into your eyes while speaking;
  • he doesn't hurry up the events, attempts to know a woman better;
  • he treats a woman with respect;
  • he is self-confident but not self-admired;
  • has a good skill in kissing;
The last item needs a special comment. What does it mean "has a good skill in kissing". There are some Russian ladies' thoughts: "It is a kiss that takes my breath", "It is long, deep kisses during more than three days", "It is warm, soft, not demanding kisses". Now we would like to tell about kinds of men, women like to go out with. It's a man who has a plan. "There is nothing worse than a man who is asking: what shall we do today?" Think over this question in advance. A man should be sensitive. Not weak, but sensitive. She wants you to be sensitive, but strong. As it is in a movie. Russian girls appreciate those men who are not afraid to tell the compliments to them. It's a man who likes not only himself. Ladies are usually interested in interesting life, to live with sympathy to the other people. We hope that you have found some of these things in yourself. That's why just be yourself. You are not a rude man. You are just losing your mind sometimes. And now let's make up a conclusion and recall twelve basic rules for the first date:
  1. Take a shower.
  2. Brush your teeth.
  3. Put on something clean.
  4. Don't be late.
  5. Don't laugh at the waiter.
  6. Don't flirt with the waitress.
  7. Please, ask more questions.
  8. Don't speak about other women, except your mother.
  9. Smile.
  10. Look straight into her eyes.
  11. Be careful with your manners.
  12. Pay the bill.
and Good Luck!!!


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