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It is easy to reach the success with the women if you follow these simple rules

After you became acquainted though our site and had a long (or not so long) correspondence or phone calls, you decided to come for the first date to Dnepropetrovsk. How should you spend the first date with the Russian woman to interest her, how should you behave during the date? We tried to answer these and other questions in this article.

The date is certainly the first and most important step in the development of the relationships. It is very important to make the first impression on the date. The first impression makes the woman to decide if she should continue the acquaintance with you or not. Even if you look very attractive, but if you seem to be not interesting and boring, you will never have the chances for the development of the relationship.

How should you behave during the date? Depending on your mood and woman's mood, you can choose the different ways of behavior. One of the simplest ways is to attract the attention of an audience. In the other words, you should stand out for the others.

Try to show yourself as a developed person. Try to keep up any conversation. Try to learn her interests and keep the conversation about the well known things for her. Try not to do unnatural things and gestures, they can betray you later. In general you should take the natural style of behavior in any situation. This is the main and simple rule. You should never trust your opinion on somebody.

After the first meeting you decided that you should keep the acquaintance. Then it is necessary not to be annoying. Some of the women are afraid, when the man shows his feeling too much, and it can scare them away. But at the same time you should not take and do all her whims - it is possible that she will like it so much and you will be taken just as sponsor.

Many things depend on you. You will make a good impression to a woman if you will stand (or sit) straight and keep the head high. This is the pose of the self-confident man. It means that he has the feature that is appreciated by the women very much.

Don't hide your abilities and opportunities!!! Demonstrate them. It is very important to be self-satisfied, so you should become even more attractive for the people that surround you.

Talk with a woman and look directly in her eyes, it shows your friendliness.

When you talk to a woman for the first time, it is better to keep the distance of the outstretched arm. If the distance is closer, it is possible that it will be uncomfortable for the woman and she can feel ill at ease. To show your friendship and to hint about the intention to make the relations go faster, the mentioned distance (for the first date) is the most optimal.

When you talk to the woman, you should look at her face but not to the other side or downwars. You should look straight to her eyes approximately every five minutes. Such a "faltering contact by a sight" is the most pleasant for the women and is the easiest way to show your sexual interest to them. After a while, try to concentrate your sight for a little bit longer. If she drops her eyes or throw dust in her eyes, then she is probably not interested in your personality at that moment. But if you are really interested in her, try to check up whether this gesture was a sign of embarrassment or your excessive hurry.

As a testing and one more sign to show the woman that you find her attractive, you can use the gentle touch to her hand or shoulder when you say good bye. It is considered to be less familiar gesture than a hand shake.

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