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Ideal Man for Russian women

We have questioned 100 our clients, Russian women who registered their profiles in our dating agency. There was only one question: What is your ideal man to love and get married. To your attention men, here are some interesting answers from single Russian women:

  • It is easy for you to be with him and you do not need to pretend somebody, you can talk with him about anything, he is not the grumbler and not the hypocrite, he knows a lot of jokes, and it is easy to be in a company with him. He will always cheer you up and bring your mood, he will keep the silence if I am tired of words. He understands me with the half of word, he foresees all my wishes, he is able to read on my eyes...
  • He is the perfect lover. He knows perfectly what kind of sexual mood I have. He will become the tiger and dig up my cloth. Or he will be a cloud, soft and tender. He know the wave I am on today.
  • He is very intelligence and wide-read. He knows a lot. He will tell you the distance up to Mars without any thought, the last work of Marcerss, he will quote Bulgakov pertinently and he will tell you in details about the cost of the barrel of oil according to the results of the today's huggings on the exchange.
  • He is generous. He will never notice the cost of trifle I liked. He will never wait for the change from the given bill in the restaurant. He gets the tickets with the most prestigious seats for us when we go to the theater.
  • He is a good-looking man. He is smart, fresh, neat and smoothly shaved. The girls and women of all the ages gaze on him. He is always elegant and dressed with taste even if it is a country trip to have a barbecue.
  • He is a good friend. He is ready to help at any time of day or night without any hesitation.
  • He is a great cooker! He makes the masterpieces of culinary art, so that the best chefs of Planet would envy him!
  • He loves children. He is not tired of children's questions they have all the time, it brings him a pleasure to roll the swings together with them. He wants to have a daughter with the plaits, bows and ruche, with the mother's (that is mine) eyes and smile.

And finally as one Russian woman said: It is a pity, really a pity that it was all about eight different men! So men you have a chance!

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