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Love relationship and the age difference

All the ages are obedient to love

These words by William Shakespeare, the famous dramatist of Renaissance, are reified nowadays. Among the millions of the same age couples, there are the couples with the 10, 20 and even 40 years of age difference. Then public opinion comes and makes us think about the importance of connection of our life with this particular person. If you have some doubts, then you should think about the decision of your living together. Let's consider some typical situations, which will help you to put the accents in the right way.

A young lady to 25 years old and a man in the age of 40 and older. This is the most widespread case. The reliable man can easily subdue the heart of a young pretty woman. She feels comfortable and safe with him. The status, money and experience mean a lot. This union has mental and sexual harmony. (Sex is not the only thing that a girl needs and a man is still can do a lot for her.) Unfortunately, as soon as a girl gets all the good, she stops to realize her life and her career goes to the second place. A number of rich men's wives complain on the life in golden cage. Their husbands give them everything and they completely depend on their men. But if it suits you, it is always your choice.

A woman at a mature age of 30 and a young man in the age of 20. This case is also no the rarity in our world. At this age a woman wants to have a great and tireless lover. At the same time she teaches a young man the art of love and life wisdom. Sometimes, she can take the role of sponsor for him and helps him to make the career. The experiment shows that usually when a man becomes older and psychologically mature, he leaves such woman. Men get older much slowly than women. That is why it usually happens so that a young lover is interested in younger girls. In such kind of relationship you should always be ready for the final break and stay optimistic.

Both partners are already mature persons but one is much more older than another (the age difference is 30-40 years) When two mature persons have the relations it is quite possible that they will have the harmony of the mental relationship and understanding. The age difference is not important in this case. If we will not take in consideration those couples that have marriage because of housing problem, we just can be happy for other ones. The meaning of other people is not important for them. They value and care about each other, enjoying the happiness.

So you should think ones again about the fact that either your friends or relatives do not have the right to lead your personal life. It is your business and your decision.

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