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The recommendations about marriage with the Russian Women

It is every person's nature to have the intention for the harmonious relationships in the family. But unfortunately not everyone is able to build the relationship in the way to develop them but not just keep or safe them. There are some recommendations for the men to build a relationship with Russian women given below.

First of all we should mention that men and women value family happiness in different ways. For example, a half of Russian women that are happy in the marriage consider sensitiveness, attention and care to be the most important in the relationship. A fourth of women think that the best happiness is to have children. It is true that a forth of women consider sexual harmony to be the most important. And only few value the other things such as the ability to spend an interesting time together, professional successes or devotion to family. But the family happiness is a bit different for the men. Half of men that are happy in the marriage consider sensual-sexual component to be the most important, about quarter - tenderness and attention of the wife and mutual understanding in the relationship, the fifth part think that happiness in having children and only some men value the ability to master the house well and his wife's good sense of humor.

The most important side for the Russian women in the relationship is the emotional part of it and all the rest has not much importance. Speaking about the men, they value sexual component most of all and the other things take the second place. If we compare given parameters, we will notice that everyone aspires to what he or she lacks in the own character.

It is also true that usually love is considered to be the motive of marriage but the degree of love is estimated differently. People marry not only when they have mutual love to each other but also when he or she feels attachment and respect to a person which grows to love in some time. So the strong feeling of one of the spouses can cause the love in return.

Here are some general recommendations for the men who will marry Russian women

A man should take the decision in a couple. He can take some advices and discuss everything with woman but the final decision should be made by him. A man takes the responsibility not only for himself but also for all the family and his Russian wife.

It is very important not only love a woman but respect her also. It is important to give the partner the right of choice. The face that a man has the responsibility for the woman, does not mean that he can depress her. A woman should always have a possibility of choice.

A man should not only have the interest for his life but he should be also attentive to the interests of the woman. Even if you are not interested in what she likes to do, you should act as if you are interested in it.

It is very important not only love the woman but respect her also. It is important to give the partner the right of choice. The fact that a man has the responsibility for the woman, does not mean that he can depress her. A woman should always have a possibility of choice.

They say that there is nothing worse than a habit in love affairs. It can be gross but anyway love should not be something stiffened and constant. Any Russian woman needs to have new feeling, excitements, and surprises all the time.

The intention to learn from each other. We should understand that any union of two people is a connection. When two people are together, they need to learn something from each other, try to change something in you or change the attitude to something.

The acceptance of each other. The spouses, that can take each other as they are, usually are very happy in the marriage. "The men that do not forgive the women their little lacks, will never enjoy their biggest dignities" (D.Dzhebran). If there is no acceptance, then there will be either physical, psychological or energy level of violence. That is why it is necessary to try to change yourself but not the other person. It often happens so that when we change ourselves, the world around us changes too and the attitude of the world to us.

It is important to understand that if we really love, we owe nothing to each other. Love is a voluntary condition. Whatever can happen, try to be self-restrained and do not offend the woman. It often happens so that we say something in a temper but we are sorry about what we said lately. To avoid this, we should try to control our emotions and watch what we say.

The harmony in the sexual relations. To our mind, the most important is not the "sexual acrobatics". The most important is the intention to not only get the pleasure but to give the pleasure to the other person too.

Exclude from your lexicon the word "must". You should not use this word in the family relationship at all, especially in sex. Replace it to patience and tolerance and try to find the key to the gladness of enjoyment.

A well known Russian Proverb says: "A woman loves by ears" and it seems to be true. That is why your words of love will never be superfluous. Try not to make your sex a routine. Bring the art to your love.

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