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Practical advices from Russian woman

Your attractiveness depends on breadth of your interests. If you become erudite and keen on man it would really help you to attract the attention of the women that surround you and to get their respect.

Do your best so everyone feels like desired interlocutor with you. Be benevolent and affable with everyone. The kindness costs almost nothing, but it is dearly appreciated by russian women and acquaintances.

Listen attentively. There is nothing more boring than a man speaking and listening only himself. Therefore, if you want the others to listen to you and hear, first you have to learn to listen to the interlocutor.

Try to notice in yourself the best. There is no more terrible enemy than self-destruction. Concentrate on the best features of your character, on the strong sides of your nature. Struggle with your weaknesses!

Be yourself, and don't aspire to imitate someone. The surrounding you people are always attracted to those people, whose self-esteem is developed.

Resist the extraneous influence! It is not needed at all to bear with anything that is not pleasant for you or that is alien at all for you. That can actually lead to the most unpleasant consequences. Don't be afraid of what the others would think of you, if you "go not in a leg with all of them". The people often gossip or envy. Do everything that is, on your opinion, is right, and your true friends will respect you for that.

Learn how to hold a conversation. Talking with people that you hardly know you should think about what can be interesting for them in conversation, and get that in your attention.

Don't hide your abilities and opportunities!!! Demonstrate them. It is very important to be self-satisfied, so you should become even more attractive for the people that surround you.

Talk with a woman and look directly in her eyes, it shows your friendliness.

If you have the sense of humor, use it! Sometimes nothing can help you to stand in any situation, so only the sense of humor will rescue you. As it is much more pleasant to see the man, who is able always, even in bad, to find good, and in the most worthless situation to find something ridiculous. There is nothing to argue about as the positive emotions are more useful, and they are definitely more pleasant than negative ones.

So, it is your choice. And Good luck!

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