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Presents for Russian ladies

About presents for Russian ladies

There is no other so great pleasure than to give presents. Society of American florists has made really great direction how to choose presents and what is the best way and time to give them. How to make really stunning present? Let's try and spend some time to choose the present, which will correspond to lady's personality in the best way. This advice will help you to make the right choice. Does your Russian lady have any interests or hobbies? If she likes ancient trifles it will be great to give her an ancient vase with beautiful flowers in it. (Florist can make a great composition to make the vase look perfect).
Does she prefer romantic evenings? Try to buy her tickets for some interesting occasion. Send her flowers with an envelope with invitation in it.
Does she deserve being a bit pampered? Ask the florist to make composition of flowers and different perfumes, balls for bath and other stuff like that. Please, remember all special days in her life. There are a lot of holidays in the whole year, but you should never forget her special, individual dates. Celebrating anniversaries of the first meeting with the girl or common achievements will make your relationship closer. Make sure that all your special dates are marked in your calendar and re-fill this list from time to time! Who has given you the best gift in your life? What kind of present will make you smile or even laugh? Let's see how to make presents in a proper way and what presents are the most popular. As it has been investigated flowers, jewelry and clothes are the most popular presents. The first place belongs to flowers among men and women. It is the best way to say: "I love you". Clothes are the most convenient present, and jewelry makes us smile as a rule. Clothes are a very popular present, but it is the present, which is often returned to shops. "Our favorite gifts are those which help us to express our feelings", says Robin Speasman, an expert of presents and an author of the book "The best present". "They are individual expressers of our feelings and emotions". As it was investigated the best presents to give us special feelings are jewelry (26%)and flowers (23%). 58% of the interviewed people presented flowers last year. Many smiles and positive emotions was the result of it. There is no wonder that the main reason why women like to get flowers from men is love, says Speasman. Who gives the best gifts?
Taking into consideration our romantic feelings towards the presents people say that the best presents are those that were given by our spouses and other close people. Present given by mothers and other relatives are on the second place. As for love, more than 25% of the interviewed said that they would like to receive flowers from the beloved person, or plant in pot, and then we have jewelry, clothes and perfume. "In token of care"
While lots of interviewed people get pleasure from presents received on the traditional holidays, some people are happy to receive gifts "without any reason", "just because". Near one third of asked people say that it is the best kind of present, and they say that it is the best way to give and get flowers. Flowers are also one of the best ways of expressing feelings and paying attention to somebody. Gratitude and etiquette.
Near 25 percent of the interviewed said that they repack presents and give them to the other people. Ladies especially like to do such things. And they wait for gratitude more often than men. As for gratitude it is known that more than a half of the interviewed wait for no gratitude for the present. But women usually look forward to get such gratitude. People say that the best ways to express gratitude is to thank a person face to face or write the message. Some people say that, of course you can phone to say thank you, but taking into consideration all the modern ways of communicating, as Internet and voice mail, the quantity of people who tend to these ways of thanking lowers a lot. Sending fax is the worst way to express gratitude. Speasman adds: "no matter that times has changed personal communication remains the best way of communication".

How to choose the perfume

The most traditional presents for a lady are, of course, perfume and jewelry. Nowadays the refined fragrance is available to anybody. The problem is of another kind - how to choose the right one among that abundance. Modern perfumers has more than 5 thousand aromatic essences among which there is only about 5 hundred of natural origin, the rest ones are the results of synthesizing. All the scents can be divided into "masculine" and "feminine". "Feminine" aroma is the fresh scent of fruit, conifers and meadow grass - mint, thyme, sage. Of course, viscous and strong oriental smells like sandal, myrrh, nard belong to that kind. Traditional "male" fragrance are ambergris, musk, lavender, lemon, sharp piquant fragrance of grass like balmy. There is no deficiency in various aromas to different taste. The most important thing is to match fragrant matters that would be harmonic. It is often recommended to choose the perfume in accordance with the color of lady's hair. Blonde ladies are traditionally advised to buy perfume of light flower fragrance while brunets - of stronger and exotic one. The age of the Russian lady is also important. Naturally, the perfumes for a young girl and for a woman are different. It is much recommended to choose the perfume only in the afternoon when our nose is more sensitive to feel fragrance. You should try no more than 3-4 fragrances at one time. The scent of high quality consists of 3 major "notes". The first "note" is fresh, light aroma of verdure, meadow flowers and fruits that is noticed immediately as you open the bottle but is gone in a few minutes. "The heart" of the perfume, its "central note" - unique combination of fragrant matters can be felt within 4 hours of breathing. The complete impression is made by "tail" - the addition of special matters - aldehydes as their essence. These are matters that fix the scent. "Tail" of the perfume can be felt for a long time - for a few days and even weeks. Is it possible to feel the perfume at once, by the counter in the shop? If you judge by the first impression just after opening the bottle you can hardly make the right choice. "Heart" note of the perfume can be reflected by the perfumed piece of the porolon a shop assistant may offer you. But you are failed to recognize the "tail" of the perfume so soon. So, it turns out that to feel the true fragrance you should buy the perfume. Try to use the test or probe bottle of perfume to be able to find out your beloved woman's taste and not to waste money on expensive product.

Lady's character and flowers

Today people try to express individuality, that's why there is an attempt to give individuality to the present. Investigation made by the Society of American Florists say that nearly 89% of people tend to give the gifts which reflect a spirit of the individuality of the addressee. Being of different sizes, colors, shapes the flower is the bet way to express the lady's personality. When it comes to choosing a present it is necessary to think over all the small details of it, for a person to estimate it in a proper way. The first step is to get to know everything about a lady's sympathy. What is her favorite color? Does she have her favorite flowers? What hobbies does she have? What messages want you to pass with your present? Then you should get to know what flowers will correspond to her sign of Zodiac. Afterwards you can consult a florist and he will help you to make the right choice of a present. Blooming and green flowers will be good for materially minded ladies, who tend to spend time out of home. Meadow and forest flowers will correspond to them too. The bouquets of soft colors, tender scent and accent made on the braid will be good for romantic, generous and extravagant girls. Exotic flowers, and unordinary combinations of color and shape will be the best present for the individuals who express self-development and tend to live artistically, in an extraordinary way. Reliable ladies, who like their house and lead the classical way of life, will like gorgeous compositions of various flowers. Those ladies who live a full life will like modern style and monochromatic bouquets or compositions with big and flickering flowers.

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