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Russian bride horoscope :: Cancer

Warmth and caress mean a lot for a russian bride who was born in the hottest time of the year. She is very timid and careful by her nature but sometimes a wild volcano can see the inside her heart. Loneliness has the most depressive effect on this type of women. They do need romance and warm declarations of love under the moonlight. This is the atmosphere this woman need. Very often a woman whose sign is Cancer becomes the victim of her heightened demands while flirting. She is not good in controlling her emotional sphere. Her inner world is very important for her that is why she is in earnest about sex and gives it a lot of her motional world. A Woman-Cancer usually has a little bit old-fashioned style in elegance. Classical style of clothes becomes her a lot. Devotion for the women of this type is the top priority.

The first date

The best place for the first date with this woman is the restaurant with a very special atmosphere that is conducive to more personal contact and that sets apart it from all the others. Give Cancer an opportunity to tell you about herself. Tender and affectionate smile is all she needs. If you manage to get into trusting contact with her it is quite possible that your date will continue in the park and you will have a very pleasant walk together. Don't be afraid to become the initiator if Cancer does not feel confident enough.

Life partner

Cancer - Aries. Cancer is a delicate nature. It is not common for her to hasten the development of a relationship. But impatient Aries can't wait for a long time. Cancer - Taurus. Faithful and well-natured Taurus gets on with this sign well. He can calm down her when she has some problems and even help. Her soft and tender passion harmonizes with his careful research streak. And this is the main foundation of their lasting union. Cancer - Gemini. They feel good in merry company. They enjoy spending their time together but their family life will not come easy for them. Cancer - Leo. They were meant to have a impetuous love story. Sincere admiration of Cancer makes Leo be faithful and their family life has a good chance to be very successful. Cancer - Virgo. The intelligence of the Virgin makes great impression on Cancer. People of these signs have a lot in common and deal well with one another. Cancer - Libra. Charming and resourceful Libra can easily understand the emotional world of Cancer. They absolutely satisfy each other as sexual partners due to Libra easy - going nature. Cancer - Scorpio. Everything is solved when they look at one another eyes. They can fall in love or hate each other at the first sight. Some magic connection appear between these two signs. Cancer - Sagittarius. It won't be easy for them to go on with one another even as good friends, because Sagittarius can get bored very soon with these romantic fits. In their relationships there is often some exertion. Cancer - Capricorn. Cancer feels safe next to him. But this is not enough. She should hear all the time the words of love, feel the warmth of her beloved's hands and be as all one. Cancer - Aquarius. They can be happy together for some time and overwhelm all the difficulties. But as soon as Cancer wants to make a family everything will change. Aquarius won't be ready for this step. Cancer - Pisces. It is a meeting of two wonderful people, who are ready to enjoy each other's company for eternity. This couple understands each other without words and build their house together. The fortress is against the whole world.

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