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An ideal man for family life

Which man the woman would never leave

Russian girl's revelations

Planning to get married we, women, think how many of truly men merits that are really attractive for women and priceless for family life, our chosen one man has. There are five features like that in general.
  1. He is reliable anytime.
Reliability is the main merit of the man. Sometimes we get upset because of nothing, fail because of trivia, and give up in front of insignificant barriers. Husband is the point of balance in russian girl's family. He smoothes the wavering of her mood, reduces emotional flashes, and doesn't let her to get mad because of nonsense and says: "That is nonsense, but you should pay attention to that" or "I definitely know that you can do that!" the reliable man is always near when he is needed. And even if she quarreled with the man he would come to help scorning the offence. The real man is Ret Butler from the novel "Gone with the Wind". That is the one who was truly reliable! Even when his beloved woman Scarlet got married with another man he continued to help her.

How to recognize him.

He doesn't torture woman with the problem of choice, from the first date he takes the initiative into his hands, he names the restaurants and cafe, you are going to have a lunch, and the movies you are going to watch, by himself. Going to the business trip or conference he always lets you know about that in advance. If you ask him to do something he always relies to you neatly "yes" or "no", and in the case of agreement he does what he promised in time, and if he refuses he would never blame you with your request, he isn't exasperated: "Why didn't you tell me that earlier!" and calmly explains the reason of his behavior.
  1. He knows what call of duty means.
Call on duty is old-fashioned concept, but it still works. Nowadays, it is said that love makes us to do the good deeds. That is partly true: good husband loves woman and that is why he cares about her wife. But does he love his mother-in-law or especially father-in-law? Doubting. So, does that mean that he has a right not to care about them? But must do that because of the love to his russian woman? And here is the iron word "must". The man without call of duty wouldn't take to his home girl's mother who is after heart attack and he wouldn't bring the food to woman's old father, and after he no longer loves his wife he wouldn't take care of her well being after divorce. As why should he care for the people that he doesn't love?

How to recognize that man

He has a relative or an old teacher, or neighbor, or classmate, and he continues to care about them, tough they respond him with base ingratitude and sometimes that really irritates beloved woman.
  1. He is magnanimous.
The magnanimous man patronizes everyone who is weak and defenseless. Sometimes he has conflicts with seniors in rank or in social status or fights with equal, as he needs to prove his strength and conquer the place under the sun for him. But everyone who is weaker is taboo for him.

How to recognize the magnanimous man.

Recently I went to have some tea to one very popular and fashionable confectionary in the center of city. After me came the couple - tall and sportive man and tiny granny in beret. He lead his escort to the storefront: "What do you want, grandmother? That one and this one? What about that one? Look what an appetizing cake! Give us a piece of everything. And a coffee with cream. Granny, what you wouldn't be able to eat leave for me. I will get for you after the training". He made her sit near the window, brought her bunch of newspapers and quickly dashed away to the fitness-club that was in the nearest building. I wish you could see with what a amorous glance saw him off all the women that were in cafe, including the young shop-assistants! They were ready to follow him even to the end of the Earth! The magnanimous man would never kick your dog, if he is mad with you and he would never beat a child even if the 5 years old devil incarnate tries to kick him because of videotape recorder being turned off.
  1. He is brave.
The hunter and the guard. And only then he is an accountant, doctor, journalist or manager. If he doesn't have an instinct to protect his family that means that all the time he would put the woman under the blow even in tiny things: "Go, get to know and make a deal", and then he would scold you: "you made the deal I didn't ask you to and got to know nothing actually."

How to recognize brave man.

He comes into dark doorway, apartment, elevator, cinema room and other dangerous or crowded places. If at midnight someone makes noises behind woman's door he wouldn't let she comes out the threshold even if she is sure that this is the neighbors' cat Fantik. He never provokes to the conflicts. If on the dark street the couple of suspicious men walk after lady he doesn't turn to them with a question if they want to get a smack in the teeth, but firmly holds girl's elbow and he doesn't start to walk faster.
  1. The man that always wants his darling.
The man is not able to love the woman that doesn't arouse the desire in him. Firmer he is used to his girlfriend, stronger he wishes to make love with her, because with physical petting he shows his love towards her.

How to recognize.

He uses all the opportunities to touch beloved, hug and stroke her. The weekend, that you spend together, and the chance not to leave the bed until the lunch are holiday for him. After sex he is not in a hurry and lies down near woman holding darling in his arms.

So, what kind of men russian girls will never leave? The men that have these five merits! Men, read and act, like a real man!

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