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Any man that has relationship with Russian mail order brides would say the same: the worst thing is distance and waiting. That kind of relations would make think about everything: starting from appearance and ending with moving to another city or country. So, how to deal with worried thoughts and feeling of loneliness that bother to sleep at night?
  1. One picture would be worth of thousand words.
    Surround yourself with your bride pictures this is the perfect way to feel the presence. Joint planning of the meeting would help to shorten the time of waiting: where you would go and what you would do. Look for the reference books of the cities in the Internet together, sights and everything else that interests you and your Russian girl. That wouldn't only save you from the problem of what to do, but it would also make the meeting more pleasant.
  2. Plan the meeting together.
    Search for the beloved in the net sometimes cold be so fascinating, that it is possible to forget who you are looking for here in general. Some men managed to go on ten dates in one evening, and then they start to confuse with what they have told and written to whom, and how who looks like. As a result you become a specialist in classification of Russian mail order bride on appearance and on the first words you understand "all the truth about her" right up to in what circles she moves.
  3. Touch her life lightly.
    Don't spare time to get to know more about her home, family and history. In return tell your russian woman about yourself, your favorite places to be. Don't get lazy to find the pictures of those places and to show them to your fiance.
  4. Count the days before the meeting.
    Every time before the next meeting start to count the days that are left. You can just tell each other how many days are left till you're your date, or you can do that every day using e-mail. It is great to wait for something, and that helps to believe that it would definitely happen.
  5. Lavish her with yourself.
    Seeing is not able to give the full idea about russian woman. The other feelings and sensations are also very important. When you would meet your beloved you wouldn't feel like stranger, if, for example, you would get to know the smell of her perfume. The woman would better know your passions, if you would tell her about your favorite movies, music, and food. Exchange the videotapes or use the web-camera to get to know each other better. When people meet in real life they have something more that simple memories. Give her the chance to get to know you closer and you would become for her more alive and real.
Remember, that love in a distance it is always not simple. Your friends can help when you feel extremely sad. And even when the last hope almost vanished, you have to know that love is worth of waiting.

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