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Find a Russian wife. Socionics help

Socionics reply: How to choose a Russian wife.

There are a lot of ways to find your second half but one of the most interesting is suggested by the science of socionics. Sexologists and the experts of the family relationships have proved long time ago that love, lives in hearts no longer than three or five years. Then it is replaced by the habit. During this time the couple should get use to each other, have children, property, share plans and interests. All these help to keep the family together. Unfortunately, if a husband and a wife psychologically are not compatible, even their common way of life or life goals will not be able to protect their marriage from divorce. The psychological compatibility is connected with the temperament of the person. Even in ancient times people were divided according to their temperaments into four subtypes. Socionics has appeared in the 70th years of the last century thanks to Aushra Augustinavichute. She created the idea of "dual" - psychological addition by the people to each other. Socionics consider four basic psychological types.

Choleric person

The people of this type fly through the time, they are in movement all the time. They have a great will. Their energy picks out them from other people. In life such person maximalist but she or he also has the set of kid's traits. They are curious, changeable etc. They are passionate in the relationships but they do not like deep feelings.

Melancholic person

They can be hurt so easily. Usually they are very emotional people. The most of their time, they are shipped into their internal world and they worry a lot even about the trifles. The melancholic people can't stand psychological and physical loading form the side. The emotional failures are their nature. Besides, they can easily run into depression after such a failure. They are gentle and careful, well-educated and modest people.

Phlegmatic person

These people are rather judicious. They do not like to be in a hurry, but they can be business people at the same time. They are very serious people. Phlegmatic person characterized by the low level of mental activity. They are insularity. They do not like to show their emotions. Their mimic is not expressive. They like calmness. With such a person the household difficulties are not fearful. The points of rest are usually logic and gain.

Sanguine person

These people are similar to choleric people. They are emotional, energetic. They like work and communication very much. They are very sociable. They like to be the heart of the noisy company. They have a lot of friends and acquaintances. But they will not fight to the end like choleric people.

Choose a Russian wife according to Socionics

The smallest chances to have the successful relationships in marriage have a mirror combination types of character like "Choleric to Choleric" or "Phlegmatic to Phlegmatic" etc. In this case a wife and a husband will prove all the time that he or she is the head of the family. The strong relationship is build on principles "conducting" and "conducted". The union of "Sanguinic - Phegmatic" is also complicated. They do not understand each other. The easiest way is to live with melancholic person. These people usually "conducted" persons. The most optimal couple is "Choleric - Melancholic". They both live by feelings. The activity of one person counterbalances the passivity of other one. Two people that love each other should mutually supplement each other, as two magnets.

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