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Russian women: Leo

These russian women play with fire very eagerly, because they want to make sure that they are very sexual in practice. When this woman appears all the looks are aimed on her immediately. Her graceful manners and pectoral voice help her to charm any man without effort. And if she is passionate towards somebody, he can do nothing to stay aside. Erotic nature overwhelms her and she needs love as air. But despite her fatal appearance, in her heart she dreams to meet the man who will conquer her heart. Not every man will manage with such a task.

The first date

You are going on the first date with woman-Leo. You should remember that it is to be a solemn, really a royal occasion. Everything should be unexpected, exciting and in style. You should not think about an ordinary "cafe on the corner". The most expensive restaurant in the city is what you really need for your aim. You should pay special attention on your most strong sides. Elegance in clothes will conquer the attention of woman-Leo.


Leo - Aries. They both have a desire to live beautiful and luxurious life. Modesty is not for them. There is a great attraction between them that is why the nights spent together are totally marvelous. They both very often burst into joyful laugh. It is the sign of fullness of feeling of life. Leo and Aries excite each other. Leo - Taurus. Leo needs to bath in the rays of social recognition. And Taurus likes home coziness more. Despite this oppositeness the attraction between the people of these two signs is really huge. Leo - Gemini. Leo will never get bored with Gemini. Gemini always knows what stories Leo would like to hear from him. He will make woman-Leo to go after him by his joyful, merry laughter. Leo - Leo. The nights pass in the fire of passion, but the question whether the feelings are true remains open. Leo - Virgo. This union has a great future. Leo - Libra. What is for their cultural aims, Leo and Libra fit each other wonderfully. They never forget about style and elegance. Leo - Scorpio. The fire, which is burning in the soul of Leo, meeting the passionate nature of Scorpio, gives the birth to the "intoxication" by love. Leo - Sagittarius. We can speak about the sympathy from the first glance in this case. Though not everything is plain in their relationship. Leo is addicted to be spoilt and noisily admired, and this is very hard to get from Sagittarius. Leo - Aquarius. As a rule, people who were born under the sign of these two Zodiac signs like each other a great deal. Leo - Pisces. Extraordinary Aquarius very easily breaks the limits of decency that are hung above Leo.

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