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Russian women preferences

What do Russian women like? What kinds of men are considered to be a standard?

Perhaps the thoughts given below do not coincide with the opinion that is accepted in the society, but it is a real picturing of facts what russian women really like in men. It is practically impossible for a man to become an ideal one, not only because it is impossible to suit all the demands and wishes of women, but also because women sometimes do not know what exactly they want from the men. Their tastes change with their age, due to the weather, time of the day, season, their mood and God knows with what else. So, in a word, if man wants to be liked by a woman he needs:
  • to be honest and faithful to the word he gives his woman;
  • to have a firm body;
  • to be able to speak well and to flirt by this words;
  • to be clean and accurate;
  • to have taste and charm;
  • to be brave and courteous;
  • to be kind and loyal;
  • to be inventive.
And here are the results of the poll, which we made among the clients of our site. A man's standard from the men's point of view:
  • brawny body - 21%;
  • big penis - 15%
  • tall height - 13%
  • slenderness - 10%
  • other things - 23%
A man's standard from the women's point of view:
  • buttocks - 39%
  • tall height - 11%
  • fatness - 11%
  • hairy breast - 7%
  • slenderness - 5%
  • other things - 27%
So, men, make the conclusion from the said above for themselves!

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