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Russian bride's horoscope: Gemini

What a charming lady she is: jolly, witty, it's no trouble at all for her to charm anyone with her friendly smile! She is easy to communicate with and she is always considerate towards everyone. The one who can skillfully make her curious will succeed much more in their relationship than a toady. She always feels a need for teasing other people by means of her words and actions. She cannot bear standstill, she needs to feel new impulses, she cannot regret momentary irresistible temptation. Flirting means a great pleasure to her. She needs to have vis-a-vis who has as much "reactivity" as she does. She looses any interest if a man procrastinates. If you are of difficult nature you should not hope for a relationship with a woman - Gemini.
Celebrities Gemini: Liz Hearly, Naomi Campbell, Johan Collins, Isabella Rosselini, Brook Shields, Steffi Graff.

The first date

You fell in love with a woman - Gemini? Then you have nothing else to do but try to provoke her curiosity. Make her interested in something unknown for her. You should charm her as an interlocutor telling her about your traveling and everything you did in your life. You will notice that she will get inflamed in no time. Your should invite her to the Japanese restaurant and together enjoy the exotic and easy of digestion food of this national cuisine to increase her interest. After it you should invite her to the most fashionable night club in the city.

An ideal love partners

Gemini - Aries. Gemini who is as mobile as mercury at first sight likes Aries who has got a great energetic potential. Aries has the raisin, force of affection which Gemini likes a lot. It is difficult to understand Gemini and this is what Aries copes with brilliantly. It attracts Gemini - fidget to passionate Aries. Gemini - Taurus. Taurus provokes interests of Gemini without a hitch, but scares away with permanency. Moderate, measured life is an ideal of Tourus. Gemini is fond of impromptu. Gemini's ineradicable custom of flirting can be a base of conflicts and quarrels. Gemini - Gemini. An individual of your sun sign can easily find approach to win your heart. An only problem is that you both can be overfilled with ideas and have too much energy pulsing that it can lead to constant quarrels. You feel as if you both were sitting on the powder keg. Such unit does not always have positive effect. Gemini - Cancer. Tender Cancer can touch the sensitive chord of Gemini's soul, but only for a moment. An intensive inner world of Cancer scares away such an inconstant Gemini's nature. That is Gemini's nature to be surprisingly cool-headed and evade any obligations even if they have been in love for more than a year. Cancer reacts to even the least hypocrisy of Gemini at once. Gemini - Leo. Leo knows how to charm and allure Gemini. Leo can support any undertakings and ideas of Gemini, even the most risky and shady (in regard to morals). Such partners can go through any difficulties. Leo's constant showing his/her strength of mind guarantees Gemini such a dear variety. As a result Gemini can even forget about flirting. Gemini - Virgo. Gemini is always ready to yield to the next temptation, which goes absolutely against solid Virgo's principles. Can this antipodes build a relationship? They may have pungent and brilliant discussion, but will hardly have harmony in their marriage. You can hope for friendship and nothing more. Gemini - Libra. They both are born to be the life and soul of the party, and their life is filled with amusement. They are especially attracted (like by a magnet) by varied life of a big city or any other cultural center. This couple of wild cards ready to play any script not even deciding on one partner can feel great together. Gemini - Scorpio. Gemini is a constant rebel feels completely at a loss because of Scorpio's being so out-of-body. Fathomless and mystical innermost of Scorpio's heart can cast horror over Gemini who is too inconstant. Gemini - Sagittarius. Gemini needs such a rhythm of life which can take a breath away. Sagittarius does not lack any skills in hiding back his/her true nature permanently playing the hypocrite. Sagittarius (as well as Gemini) is evasive in his/her fickleness and always experiments on everything. Their flirting turns into "universal symphony". Gemini - Capricorn. Gemini gladly talk much. Capricorn on the contrary prefers to be silent. If Gemini manages to decrease his/her talkativeness and find some time to get down to something more important this unit can be very promising. Capricorn has enough will to make Gemini slow down. This is the case when mutual complement can justify itself. Gemini - Aquarius. It is Aquarius's nature to do something stunning. They perfectly supplement each other as Gemini never keeps him/herself within the bounds. They are overfilled with ideas. One can foresee interesting but disturbing future for these zodiac signs. Gemini - Pisces. They both can be distinguished by refinement of character, that is why it will be difficult for them to resist temptation to flirt. Even on being together for many years people of these zodiac signs leave much freedom to each other.

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