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Russian bride's horoscope: Taurus

Woman Taurus is a personification of feminity. Her figure is ideal and the secret is in her eyes. Once you look into her eyes, you get under her enchantment sand you will never get out of it! This type of women is not necessary to teach how to dress nicely and to show out all their advantages. Even in the sports equipment she looks feminine. And the inexplicable excitement and erotic nature that is always in her character can easily collaborate with the ability to make an impression and to be a good reliable friend. She likes handsome broad-shouldered men with athletic figure. Exquisite intellectuals should not hope for the success with such a woman. As the visual impression and touches mean more for her. Openness and energy, life strength and charm belong to this woman.
Celebrities Taurus: Sher, Barbara Streisand, Glen Close, Senta Berger.

The first date

If it is a destiny that you have fallen in love with a woman Taurus, you should have a great patience then. These girls are very conservative in the depth of their souls. The gradual becoming close is very important for them. You can invite her in a cozy restaurant, with a soft romantic music, and make the necessary atmosphere. You can make use on her being a big epicure. And treat her with an expensive wine. Never speak about material problems during the first date. You should tell some words on your being a well-to-do person. You will give the stimulus to her fantasy in this way.

An ideal partners

Taurus - Aries. Aries always has a lot of goals in life. And home atmosphere and prosperity are very important things for Taurus. They are very different, but it doesn't prevent them from having a great affection to each other. Taurus is impressed by a great energy of Aries, and Aries is excited by the enchantment of Taurus. Taurus - Taurus. They are working on making their future more firm and reliable, and only material things are important for them. They are very interested in the physical closeness. They need the warmness of the other person. Taurus - Gemini. Gemini is fond of flirting most of all in this world and Taurus need to have a proof of the seriousness of his intentions. Gemini is not accustomed to be serious in their relationship, that's why you can look upon this variant as just a light flirt. Taurus - Cancer. These two signs match each other a great deal. Tenderness on one hand and the sensitivity on the other are those things that will make this couple strong. The cozy home atmosphere and confidence in tomorrow are the basic things in their relationship. Taurus - Leo. This relationship promises to be hot, the passions will be great. Because both of them feel the sex appeal of each other. But it's all that they have, because there are too little similarities in their characters. Taurus - Virgo. These two can easily get along with each other. They will never settle some problems and sort out their relationship. They can easily find the common language between each other. Taurus - Libra. And these two types can show everyone how to live in a beautiful way with each other! But there are usually a lot of difficulties in a real life, because one of them is interested in a Earth life, and the other is longing to something exquisite. That's why they won't find too many common things between each other. Taurus - Scorpio. For a Scorpio, who loves mysteries a lot, Taurus is too plain and clear. Scorpio's interest to the physical appeal of Taurus will always be too superficial. Taurus - Sagittarius. These signs both like to go in for sports and to have walks till late in the evening. And it's good for them, because they are very cheerful by nature and have no ceremonies in dealing with the other. But where is the guarantee that it will be enough? Taurus - Capricorn. Mutual affectation will appear between them, though they will need much time to get acquainted with each other closer. There are lots of similarities between their interests. Taurus - Aquarius. Taurus is very much excited by Aquarius. His usual life is destroyed. The positive sides of this relationship is that Taurus will never be bored from the moment of first meeting with Aquarius. But he will have to say good-bye to the quiet life, which is so dear to his heart. Taurus - Pisces. It is not easy to get to the soul of Pisces, because they are so deeply in their own feelings and emotional experiences. But Taurus has enough patience for this. Pisces's intuition is great to enrich the world look of Taurus. Sharp sensitivity and strength are basic things that will put them together.

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