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Say "I love you" by flowers!

If you decide to present the bouquet to your Russian bride, but you do not know the meaning of some flowers and colours. Please, read our dating advice. Perhaps, it will help you to make the right choice. Flowers have always been a great ways to get acquainted and to communicate with the person. It has always been thought that flowers can express people's feelings in the best way. It is no wonder that there is a real culture of relationship between men and women around flowers. Flowers help to show the initiative meeting the person. They show interest that person has in someone, to show passion or full indifference. Flower compositions help to express different feelings of a person. Sometimes in the past flowers were sent instead of letters. For example, hyacinth told about the date of meeting according to the quantity of the buds. And bluebells told about time of meeting according to the quantity of the flowers. The bouquet wrapped up with a thread of pearls told about the charm of an addressee. But if there were glass beads in the bouquet it told about sadness and detachment. The real language of flowers appeared in Constantinople in the 17th century. It was a real science, which was called "selam". Each flower, branch and fruit had its own meaning. In the beginning of the 18th century the Swedish King Carl the II has brought this language in Europe. Flower dictionaries were publishes in Europe during all the 18th century. The language of flowers was popular in France and England in the Victorian age. In 1830 this language has appeared in Russia with the help of Russian poet Oznobishin. He tells in his book "Selam, or language of flowers" about more than 400 kinds of flowers and other plants. Nowadays, we do not have enough time to think over the meaning of different flowers, but sometimes it is necessary to do it! You should know, that color, shape, quantity, and kind of flowers mean a lot. It is often linked wit a lot of legends, and myths. There are different symbols that have colors:
  • Red is the most active. It means life, love, freedom, fire and blood. The bouquet of red roses can easily express passion.
  • Yellow sometimes means betrayal and parting. But really yellow is the color is the color of the sun, warmness and intellect.
  • Greenish - yellow means hatred, envy, and infidelity.
  • Orange - joy, warmness, sun, strength, happiness, and holidays. Bouquets will remind you about warm summer and generous fall.
  • Violet means sadness, but at the same time luxury and dignity.
  • Dark blue means coldness, energy, melancholy and depression.
  • Blue - fidelity, purity. It's better to give the bouquet of bluebells to an innocent person.
  • Green - peace, passivity. Green flower compositions will create a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Light green - purity, joy. Such bouquets are very good in spring.
  • Dark green - hope, peace, fruitfulness.
  • White is a neutral color. Going with dark colors gives joy and light. It means purity, innocence, and in Buddhism it means mourning.
  • Black is a neutral color too. It means sadness, mourning, and serious solemnity. You should be careful with this color. Black roses should not been given too often and not in a proper time.

The meaning of some flowers

  • Acacia - secret love, the beauty of loneliness, pure love.
  • Alpine rose - be careful!
  • Ambrosia - your love is mutual.
  • Anemone - I leave you!
  • Pansy - your appearance attached me!
  • Aster - symbol of love and delicacy.
  • White daisy - don't test my patience.
  • White heather - defense, all the dreams will come true.
  • Lavender - loneliness, delight.
  • Water lily - the feelings are passion in my soul.
  • Gardenia - you are beautiful, my secret love!
  • Carnation (in general) - charm, woman's love.
  • Carnation white - cute and beautiful, innocence, pure love, the gift of woman's luck.
  • Carnation yellow - you have disappointed me, decline.
  • Carnation red - delight, my heart is sick because of you!
  • Carnation purple - petulance, inconstancy.
  • Carnation pink - I will never forget you.
  • Carnation striped - no, decline, or unfortunately I cannot be with you, though i want to.
  • Carnation cultivated for gardens - woman's love.
  • Hyacinth (in general)- the flower dedicated to Appolon, means violence and rapidity.
  • Hyacinth white - I will pray for you.
  • Hyacinth yellow - jealousy.
  • Hyacinth red or purple - you are playing games with me!
  • Hyacinth purple - I am sorry!
  • Hyacinth dark blue - constancy.
  • Gladiolus - give me a chance, I am sincere.
  • Gloxinia - love from the first sight.
  • Hydrangea - thank you for understanding me.
  • Iris - the symbol of France, your friendship means a lot for me, hope, faith, my compliments,
  • or I will come back!
  • Cactus - constancy and warmness.
  • Camellia red - you are flame in my heart.
  • Camellia white - you are delightful!
  • Camellia pink - I desire you with passion.
  • Lily of the valley - freshness, tears of the Virgin Maria, returning to happiness, you decorate my life!
  • White lily - innocence, purity, solemnity.
  • Yellow lily - false and dissolute.
  • Lily- you beauty makes me crazy!
  • Poppy (in general) - imagination, eternal dream.
  • White poppy - consolation.
  • Red poppy - pleasure.
  • Yellow poppy - richness, success.
  • Daisy - innocence, faithful love or I will never confess in my feelings.
  • Mimosa - charm and coquetry.
  • Narcissuses - love me, desire, sympathy, and mutual love.
  • Nasturtium - victory.
  • Forget-me-not - real love, memories.
  • Marigold - grief, violence, jealousy.
  • Orchid - love, beauty, beautiful lady, Chinese symbol of possession of many kids.
  • Primrose - I cannot live without you!
  • Peony - happy life, happy marriage or being shy.
  • Rose without thorns - love from the first sight.
  • White rose - innocence, purity, silence. You are delightful! I worth you!
  • Yellow rose- shortening of love, jealousy.
  • Red rose - love.
  • Pink rose - perfect happiness. Please, believe me!
  • Dark crimson rose - mourning.
  • Tea rose - I will always remember.
  • Forest rose - your wounds will be cured.
  • Chinese rose, hibiscus - exquisite beauty.
  • Pink bud - beauty and youth, innocent heart.
  • Pink bud (white) - virginity.
  • Pink bud (red) - pure and cute.
  • Tulip - fame, reputation.
  • Tulip yellow - your smile is like sunlight!
  • Tulip red - believe me! Saying I love you!
  • Tulip multicolored - beautiful eyes.
  • Violet - modesty.
  • Violet white - let's risk!
  • Violet blue - fidelity.
  • Violets - I am always thinking about you!
  • Chrysanthemum (in general) - peace and joy of life. You are a perfect friend!
  • Chrysanthemum white - truth.
  • Chrysanthemum yellow - weak love.
  • Cyclamen - decline, goodbye. I wish you good luck!
  • Zinnia scarlet - constancy.
  • Zinnia white - politeness.
  • Zinnia yellow - everyday memories.


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