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Russian girl's horoscope: Aquarius

This girl is alive as mercury, and she always exhales the joy of existence. She is very talented and opens all the sides, including love. The more original and interesting life the man has the bigger is the interest of a woman-Aquarius. She wants to try everything, but cannot live with gray life and mediocrity. She wants to turn the basis, to bound unbounded, to open the other's eyes on a hidden sense of events. Friendship plays a great role in the life of women-Aquarius. She has lots of friends, and she doesn't distinguish them judging from their social position. And the same thing is about her relationship with the love partners. She wants to try different sides of life, and that's why her life is like a violent stream.
Celebrities Aquarius: Dagmar Berghoff, Cindy Crawford, Stefanie von Monaco, Nastassja Kinski.

The first meeting

This woman appreciates everything that cannot be under the limits of usual thinking. That's it's better to choose the polytechnic museum or the gallery of a modern art for the first meeting. Tell the Aquarius about the interesting circle of your acquaintances, and after attending the gallery you can invite her to the nice restaurant with exotic dishes. When asking her questions, be very careful, because this woman doesn't like any pressure.

Partner's relationship

Aquarius - Aries. This relationship is full of life and fire. These two try to empty to the bottom the cup of pleasure. Aquarius - Taurus. Aquarius needs such a lover who is full of different ideas, and who desires to make all his ideas real. And Taurus needs the other things. Aquarius - Gemini. These are two optimists, who can treat their life in a light way. They want diversity and entertainment. Common spiritual interests can bind Aquarius and Gemini. Aquarius - Cancer. Cancer is a melancholic. And Aquarius is very active, and she hardly can become upset. Different life rhythms don't lead to love, but they can easily make friends with each other. Aquarius - Leo. Majesty of Leo can easily provoke Aquarius. It is a big pleasure for him to make Leo to give up their habits, but it cannot be done very easily. Aquarius - Virgo. Aquarius doesn't pay much attention to etiquette. And Virgo needs her as support, to feel her more in safety. But sooner or late Virgo will throw out this fidget of her life. Aquarius - Libra. Exotic and elegance give highly explosive mixture here. Aquarius and Libra open new worlds for themselves. And they come to conclusion that the ideal thing that can easily make happy both the sides is a tolerance. Aquarius - Scorpio. Scorpio's passion wakens up in the soul of Aquarius such feelings about existence of which he can never guess about. The big circle of Aquarius's friends is a big problem for Scorpio, because he is very jealous and doesn't want to share Aquarius with them. Aquarius - Sagittarius. These signs both like adventures. They always have lots of plans and ideas. They don't know any barrier, and the dream of conquering the entire world together. The sense of justice and tolerance make them ideal sexual partners. Aquarius - Capricorn. Aquarius is an idealist. And she is always ready to defend his interests and his affairs. Capricorn has the other vision of the life being lived in a right way. Aquarius - Aquarius. Humanity and tolerance for this couple is an inconceivable ideal. Independence is their motto of these two people who loves life. That's why small passion can be easily forgotten. Aquarius - Pisces. These two can easily feel that they are very close in their souls. Some high power has made them to be together. Finally Aquarius moderates his heat, and Pieces enriches his life communicating with such a cheerful and joyful person.

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