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Russian girls horoscope: Capricorn

This reserved woman is like a crystal of a rare cleanness and beauty. She plays a role of the inaccessible and cold beautiful woman well. In her behavior is reading an exact aspiration to keep the distance, a stranger can not calculate on the fast meeting. This girs is ambitious, she has a high claim to the potential partner. She likes strong men, who always win. Ambitious is the main quality of the character of the girl - Capricorn. They are ready to do anything to make their career. When they are in an unknown midst, they feel the draught. She prefers the remarkable lover, because she needs time. Her partner must be patient and sensitive. These women like to flirt because they are strong and very independent.
Celebrities Capricorn: Sade, Marlene Dietrich, Kate Mose, Diana Kiton.

Partner for the girls - Capricorn

Capricorn - Aries. They like to flirt because they are strong and very independent. Capricorn - Taurus. This couple can be happy if they live in the same rhythm. The main thing for them is comfortable house and stability. Capricorn - Gemini. Gemini, who are noisy and talkative, hardly can be a good partner for Capricorn. In spite of the fact Capricorns are very patient, sometimes Gemini tire them out. Capricorn - Cancer. Cancer needs love and wants his partner to listen, when he is sad. Capricorn don't mind these trifle. That's why they have a lot of conflicts. Capricorn - Leo. Leo are very majestic, and that's why they want to be near reserved Capricorns. It's because their inaccessibility is making desire. In the sexual plan they understand each other very well. Capricorn - Virgo. For the first time this pair seems to be very strong, which is founded on the good sense. They are a well pair because they want the same things from their lives. Capricorn - Libra. Capricorns like grace and elegance Libras. But Capricorns don't like their freedom-loving character. Capricorn - Scorpio. Capricorns' merit can appreciate not many people. But Scorpions without guess are that people, who value it. That's why they are a good pair. Capricorn - Sagittarius. It's possible that Capricorn will love Archer, who like adventures very much. It's simple for him to make the Archer to love him. Capricorn - Capricorn. This nice pair seems to be in the harmony, but when they marriage their relationship began to ruin. Capricorn - Aquarius. Sometimes Capricorn feels that he is with some other persons when he is with Aquarius. It's because Aquarius personality is very changeable. Aquarius doesn't know what they want and Capricorns exactly know it. That's why their relationship are not strong pair. Capricorn - Pisces. Pisces charm Capricorns by emotional receptivity. And Capricorn make them feel covered when Pisces are too diffident.

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