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Russian girl's horoscope: Pisces

It is not so easy to forget her charming smile and alluring glance. The man who starts to flirt with this dreaming woman risks to be under her magic. Men's hearts are easy catches for her, even if she doesn't have a goal to catch them. In the love affairs this mysterious lady has her peculiar tactics. At first she tempts, and then she will wear the mask of inaccessibility and great importance. Women-Pisces flirt very easily with one condition that rules of the game will be followed to the fullest. She leaves at once those who allow themselves too much. One who wants to achieve success should not hurry at all. When Pisces are in love they can not pay attention on something else. Discipline is not a strong feature of these women. Too big emotionality hinders them.
Celebrities Pisces: Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Tailor, Ornella Muti, Nina Hagen.

The first meeting

The best variant for the first meeting is a walking together. Let her speaks about herself; ask this woman her desires and plans. Pisces will appreciate the interest you pay to them. And it's very easy to get romantic mood for her. She will definitely agree to watch the beautiful sunset together on the bank of the river, or in some other picturesque place. It's not a bad idea to go to the cinema together. In seduction Pisces wait for the initiative of the other person.

Partner's relationship

Pisces - Aries. The energy of Aries is too much for them. Pisces want to be caressed and pampered. Perhaps, that despite being too different these two will teach each other something new. Pisces - Taurus. Taurus is tactic and careful enough to count on the character of Pisces. At the same time he is a realist and consider the disposition of Pisces towards fantasies as a caprice. Pisces - Gemini. There is much possibility that both of them won't be able to understand the person with whom the destiny has brought them together, because they are both big dreamers. It's a union covered with a mystery. Pisces - Cancer. Cancer considers Pisces to be very sexy and thinks that it can be the love of all his life. Pisces - Leo. Pisces is an ethereal creature with a big mental potential. And Leo is a sensitive and in love with himself premier. But nevertheless Leo can give an energetic support to Pisces and stimulate them. Pisces - Virgo. Virgo try to install order in not organized life of Pisces, but it is not an exception that Pisces will be frightened by this, as they think that disorder is very useful to make affairs. Pisces - Libra. Libra tends to have unstable mood. This problem is known very well by Pisces. And if they both have a very bad mood at the moment, it is not very pleasant. But as the persons with great creative potential these two can enrich each other in many ways. Pisces - Scorpio. The mystery and magic charm that has a Scorpio interests Pisces a great deal. And it should be said that Pisces won't be disappointed in such a lover as a Scorpio. Pisces - Sagittarius. These two will get along very well as friends. But they both will disappoint in each other in marriage. Pisces - Capricorn. Capricorn is stability and firm guiding lines in life. And Pisces need fantasy and sincerity in expressing feelings. Pisces - Aquarius. Aquarius is a cheerful child of progress that doesn't like any restrictions. And he fully wins Pisces's heart. The additional component to this combination is a sexual harmony. Pisces - Pisces. These relationship promise paradise to both of them or it can turn as an endless chaos to them. They can easily lose each other in the ocean of their feelings, because they cannot live through cruel reality.

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