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Russian woman's horoscope: Sagittarius

You can hardly find another woman who would have the same free views on sex as lady-Sagittarius. She can easily follow the feeling that may arise in her soul as she's a modern woman who isn't used to be depressed but to cast a glove to any forbiddance. Being active and being deprived of any kind of affectedness, she likes men's company where she feels better than in any women's one, in the atmosphere of typical women conversations. She is a good, cheerful friend and she treats it equally both going for shopping and going to the match. At the same time she keeps her charm of a real Russian woman and she becomes very attractive. She's enormously addicted to adventures and that's' why she likes men who ignores convictions and lead a free style of living. Her ideal is a free hero-lover. A woman-Sagittarius is attracted by adventurous way of living that is preferred to a stabile and prosperous life.
Celebrities women-Sagittarius: Kim Basinger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Bo Derek, Bette Midler.

The first meeting

The first meeting should be surrounded by something unusual. New countries, the stream of new impressions - all these are stimulus for women-Sagittarius that are able to increase the intensively of their love affairs. And even if in the beginning of your trip you sleep in different rooms - you can be sure that the beautiful view of Venice or of the skyscrapers in New York will make her desire to feel a person near and feel love suggest itself. If you financial opportunities are limited, that you should use a trip around the most attractive places of Ukraine that will help you to capture the heart of Sagittarius.

Ideal partner

Sagittarius - Aries. These are two admirers of socking the bored public. If they are in love, everybody must know about it. Their meetings are very emotional and leave a bright impression. This unity needs spending great energy. Sagittarius - Taurus. In comparison with Sagittarius Taurus is sluggish. Taurus is still to warm up and Sagittarius is already cold in her passion. They have too little in common. Sagittarius - Gemini. Without wasting any time these two begin a passionate relationship. Traveling and any kind of danger that can appear are the necessary elements of this strange relationship. Sagittarius - Cancer. Sagittarius can easily capture the heart of a melancholic and dreamy Cancer and can make him mischievous. Together with her Cancer feels at ease as never before. Sagittarius - Leo. The flame of passion will involve these two very fast. Love at the first sight is not a rare thing. Sagittarius - Virgo. A devoted optimist Sagittarius and severe, impartial critic Virgo seem a strange couple but their relationship is strong. That is the case when two opposites are attracted and add each other. Sagittarius - Libra. Sagittarius crazy and it's obvious that she can't resist Libra charm. Sagittarius - Scorpio. Sagittarius seems too naive to Scorpion and he can hardly be interested in her. Sagittarius - Sagittarius. They feel comfortable as good friends but there's no a sign of a great feeling that can become a destiny. Sagittarius - Capricorn. Capricorn treats life too serious to the mind of cheerful Sagittarius. Sagittarius - Aquarius. You can hardly imagine more unpredictable relationship. Their flirt is original and is deprived of any rules. Sagittarius - Pisces. Sagittarius strives to get acquainted better with this evasive person but Pisces has already hidden in some shelter.

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