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Russian woman horoscope: Scorpio

This Russian woman seems to be cold and self-restrained, but in fact the passions boil up in her soul. She is gifted with a special magnetism, and in combination with capriciousness of her nature it makes the highly explosive mixture. Russian women Scorpio are perfect in playing a role of mysterious beauties, and their potential partner wouldn't sleep at night, but suffer and burn from passion. They are not the women who are being conquered, but they look for the lover by themselves according to their tastes. Russian women-Scorpio might adore their partner with condition that he is decent and reliable person. She is a strong woman, and she has brightly expressed individuality that brings delicate and an almost inaudible beginning and she looks for the equal partner for herself.

The First Date

You should go together to the opera performance, as that would her truly emotional. You would feel how her passion would stat burning. "Carmen" is what you need. The interweaving of love motions, suffering, deaths would for sure impress the Russian woman-Scorpio. It can never be simple with Russian girl of this sign, as it is not just in her character. Try to make her trust you.

Ideal partner

Scorpio - Aries. Woman Scorpio needs the partner that would guess all her needs. Though the Aries can be tender, but it is very hard for him to pay attention to the trivia. In time in the relations of this couple the coolness would come. Scorpio - Taurus. Constant and kind-hearted Taurus is able to provide for firm rear. Though Scorpio likes the energy and caring of Taurus, they are too opposite. Quite often these relations end up with bitter disappointment for both of them. Scorpio - Gemini. Both of them have the sharp tongues and love to criticize everything. In polemics, that sometimes gets sharp character, Gemini has to be inferior. Scorpio - Cancer. The cognation of souls is truly boundless, and from the shoots of amorousness might grow very deep feeling really fast. Scorpio - Leo. They feel that cosmic energy that is hidden in them. They are attracted to each other by the mysterious power. Scorpio - Virgo. Penetrating Virgo fells that Scorpio needs the special approaching, that is why Virgo is careful in relations. With that the sexual energy, that Scorpio has, get Virgo worked up and makes free the sexual energy that has been sleeping in Virgo. Scorpio - Libra. The love game of Scorpio intends the spirit friend and captivates completely. Scorpio - Scorpio. The power of love is so big that you stop to feel fear in front of destiny. But if one would betray the confidence of another, as the threatening of cruel resistance start to appear in the distance at once. Scorpio - Sagittarius. The way of life of Scorpio is to non-standard Sagittarius taste. It inspires him, and there is no feeling of constraint at all. Scorpio - Capricorn. Capricorn is cold by his nature, and Scorpio is hot. Despite that Capricorn and Scorpio can't be without each other. Scorpio - Aquarius. The thing that one finds to be erotic, the second one thinks that it is funny. Scorpio laughs a little bit at Aquarius. Scorpio - Pisces. The Pisces is attracted to Scorpio with its brightly expressed individuality.

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