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The colour of clothes and the peculiarities of Russian women

Have you decided to present your Russian woman a piece of clothes? We will try to give you advice in this question. It is very important, because the color of clothes influence her appearance and mood. And how make the right choice of the colour? Certainly, you will never let your beloved look gray and unnoticeable, only because you have chosen the wrong color, right? If the woman has dark hair and eyes, she can easily choose the clothes of bright colors. Such women are wonderful in red, purple, green and even in the "royal blue". And what is when the natural colors are light? Blue-eyed blonds and girls with light brown hair are beautiful in light and tender colors. Other women can be called bright and radiant. They have a contrast between dark hair, light eyes and pure color of skin. Here we give you the colors of clothes for six types of women:

The peculiarities of women of the dark type:

  • Hair: black, dark chestnut, dark brown with streaks of gray.
  • Eyes: brown or hazel.
  • Color of skin: suffused, beige, color of ivory.
  • Color of clothes: try the clothes of black, coaly or dark blue color. But her beads, and other accessory can be blue, red, bright yellow, or turquoise. Please, remember that such a woman is a full contrast herself and she will look pale or even unhealthy in pale shades. But if you would like to present her something white you can choose it with an "icy" shade: pink, blue, or lemon yellow. But it's better for the woman of such type to wear clothes of bright colors: purple, olive green, and green.

The peculiarities of women of the light type:

  • Hair: blond, or light brown.
  • Eyes: blue, gray-blue, or light green.
  • Color of skin: color of ivory or porcelain, peachy.
  • Color of clothes: you should choose the clothes from the shades of gray beige, and dark gray to tender gray blue. Dark colors are unimaginable for such type of women! If you are choosing white, try it to be the color of ivory. You can admit more intensive colors: the sea blue color, or some pale colors: as peachy, yellow brown, lemon yellow or pink. But nothing brighter. The light type is perfect in blue green, and turquoise. These colors are created for them! And you can choose any color of accessory.

The peculiarities of women of warm type:

  • Hair: light, red, or chestnut.
  • Eyes: color of topaz, hazel, green, green blue.
  • Color of skin: color of ivory with freckles, gold brown, color of tan, yellow beige.
  • Ă‘olor of clothes: choose brown, beige, and olive. The colors of camel's hair with red shades are the best to show all the pluses of such a woman. And if you choose the colors of red and yellow, it is better to choose dull shades of them, don't buy white! It's better to take the thing of creamy or yellowy shade. And what is for black color it's better to avoid it too! The only exception is if this color is worn far from her face.

The peculiarities of women of cold type:

  • Hair: ashy chestnut.
  • Eyes: blue or brown.
  • The color of skin: pinky and beige.
  • The color of clothes: natural shades of this type will look great with such colors as tender blue and pink. And main neutral colors are dark blue and coaly. And to soften the impression of these colors you can use the accessory of such colors: pale blue and pink. As for red it's better to choose the icy shade of it. Please, remember, that too bright colors can "kill" a woman of this type! It's better to concentrate on soft shades.

The peculiarities of women of bright type:

  • Hair: black, chestnut, bright gray.
  • Eyes: blue, green, and bright brown.
  • The color of skin: porcelain, the color of ivory, gray swarthy.
  • The color of clothes: the basic colors are black, coaly, royal blue, and even red. Please, remember that your lady will look terrible in pale shades, even if the clothes are of good materials. The bright colors will show out all her advantages. It's better to use light colors of accessory near her face (hat, flower), and trimming. For example, the light dress will be freshened with the help of light yellow kerchief around her neck.

The peculiarities of women of soft type:

  • Hair: light brown, or light chestnut, ashy blond.
  • Eyes: blue green, light brown, gray blue.
  • The color of skin: pink beige, light beige.
  • The color of clothes: you should choose the color "between" dark and light. In bright colors she will look a bit strange and too loudly. The colors should be more calm, pale, and harmonic. The "soft" woman will look great and elegant in the clothes of one color, of light or dark colors. Something of strict colors, as black or white can "kill" the natural charm of such a woman. You should colors of ivory or tin, dark gray, bronze or their combinations.
We think that you have understood long ago to what type your beloved belongs. All you have to do now is to choose the right thing and go to your beloved woman! Good luck!

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