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Compliments to Russian women

Make a compliment to your Russian woman

"If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all"

Many people keep the opinion they were given at the very beginning of the acquaintance. That is why it is very important to make a good impression on the Russian women at once. Nice words addressed to your correspondent may be a good beginning for the conversation. A kind word is interpreted as your being interested in the person. If course, if it's given properly and the most important - sincerely. Any person is distinguished by something special and worth of approving. If your words turned to be a successful, they will help you to get in touch with a woman and to make a favorable atmosphere for the further conversation. Though people could express their approval, concernment, and sympathies at all times, but the tradition of the compliment is regarded as the part of the knightly culture and the creation of troubadours of the middle ages. Even the word "compliment" is of the French origin. Later the art of compliment began to be highly appreciated in the society and became the necessary part of the polite conversation. Nowadays the priorities are shifted from the game and figurativeness to the informative and functional meaning. The modern model of the speech message implies to be distinct, clear and the most important - defensible. A compliment has considerably lost its role and sometimes is regarded as the lie and exaggeration of the real merits. It is a wide spread opinion that the compliment is given only to women and only in those cases when something is demanded from them. Evidently, such an opinion appeared due to the circumstances when the compliment is given with the purpose of making direct or indirect profit from the person's approval. Really, the gander of the compliment admits some hyperbole but it doesn't imply any dishonest. And this is the difference between the compliment and flattery. The essential features of the compliment are sincerity and naturalness. In other case the compliment may look indiscreet and may arouse unfavorable reaction. If you give the compliment that has no ground you risk to be exposed as a liar because dishonesty is always noticeable and hurting.

Should you give compliments to Russian women or not?

Very often men think that they can charm the women with a lot of compliments. But this is not quite true. Giving a beautiful Russian woman a great deal of compliments concerning her appearance, a man will surely sign himself as a looser as many men before tried to act in this manner and were all forgotten by the beauty. On the other hand some men think that no compliment is ever acquired in order not to be humiliated in woman's eyes. This approach can be hardly considered as defensible. A compliment is a good weapon only in the case it's used correctly. And to use it properly a man need a good training. If you had no opportunity to become a skillful person in making compliments you should try to remember the simplest principals: give compliments in an open way preserving the sense of independence, assurance and a certain degree of the frivolity. Here can be added even some element of sexuality. But this only in the case you are a professional and are able to value of correctness and appropriateness of such a step and to give it delicately, to predestine all the possible consequences and the ways of the influence on these consequences. Take care to your motions, gestures, mimicry and intonation. Try not to look theatrical. The aim is the creation the favorable atmosphere. You are sure to be successful if you manage to notice something a woman probably spend efforts and time on but was left unnoticed by other people. The more attentive you are the more sincere your words seem. It should be mentioned that compliments could differ depending on the relationship with a woman.

Make the compliments

Look at the object of your interest attractively. Any person has merits and charming traits. And they must be recognized as the true compliment requires interested and kind attitude to the correspondent. There are some simple rules that help to give compliments more earnestly:
  • Try not to concentrate on only on the evident things but on the concealed traits. This makes more favorable impression.
  • You must not to make a compliment too long as the person may get tired listening to you. In a long message the point may be lost in the additional information.
  • A compliment should be aimed to express quite definite thought. You must form precisely what exactly you want to tell.
  • Try to avoid the usage of the common words ("always", "perfectly", "very", "wonderfully"), standard phrase and expressions. The intention to generalize the things can create the impression of dishonesty. The more personified is a compliment, the more valuable it is as it considers the peculiarities of this very person. But if you can't avoid the general words try to add some commentary to them.
  • It's not available to use precepts and instructions in the compliment.
  • Try to avoid the ambiguity in your compliments and to reflect only the positive traits of a person. Don't make your correspondent believe that your message has additional meaning.
  • You should express your attention in your compliment.
  • You need not to invent a compliment with great efforts. Instead of this listen to your inner voice and give it the opportunity to distinguish itself.
  • Don't be afraid to admire other people.
  • You should use the real facts or else your compliment may sound as a flattery. A good compliment is the affirmation of a pleasant fact.
  • Don not abuse exaggerations and don't turn the compliment into the adulation.
  • Watch the lady's reaction. If the woman is frustrated and doesn't know how to react, it makes sense to help her to accept your compliment. In an interested voice ask her about some detail of the object your compliment was aimed to.
  • It is important to choose the appropriate time. The compliment do can arise the irritation if it's not appropriate.
To make the compliment sound convincing you must concentrate in the inner qualities of the person and touch the real essence of the person. If you decode your compliment a little and explain some details, be sure that it will arise the confidence and will be remembered. That's why before giving a compliment you should think what exactly attracts your respect and interest. Always focus on the positive peculiarities. Learn to see positive things in people. The art of compliment is worth of finding, valuing and expressing it. When you pay the compliment you not only give the information on the verbal level but also express the positive energy. People feel the positive radiant expressing by you and that wins their favor. That's why giving a compliment you not only give pleasure to the others but also help yourself.

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