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What is the right way to talk to girl?

The romantic relationship with a Russian woman is pretty difficult case. When you meet Russian girl it seems to you that everything is fine, until you understand that you communicate with a creature from different planet. The purpose of the Russian girl is to get as more as possible information about you. At the same time you don't want to say a word about your stormy past and in that way you simply waste your eloquence. As a result she has a question kind of lie that: "Is he good enough for me?" no matter what woman talks about on the first date, but she has a serious conversation with her feelings. In love relations the truth is the main victim. The love connection vanishes at the moment when the truth comes up. And its appearance is inevitable when you start to see life in frames of your common problems, and when you cross the border between being charmed and in love. What to do? To tell the truth and only the truth in next situations:
  • If your answer on the dominant question would influence on her trust to you in the future.
  • If your answer on the dominant question would influence on her decision about your further common life.
Of course, the whole sincerity on that kind of question is able to make your life harder, so in these cases we recommend to use the half-truth.

What should you never tell the Russian girl?

  • No matter what happens, you should never criticize her body. It is more than a mistake, because Russian women always know how they look like.
  • Never carp at her relatives or friends! For Russian girls the family is the main thing. Criticizing her nearest people or her acquaintances you break her self-confidence.
  • Don't tell her: "I am nothing without you". There are more efficient ways to make your beloved to estimate you at your true worth, than humiliation and false demonstration of weakness. The Russian women get rid of those men who are not self-confident with the first opportunity, as they don't like weak men. From an adult man Russian girl has a right to demand to take the guilt for all his failures.
  • Don't tell her: "Excuse me, as I behave myself in a silly way". Complaisance is a wonderful feature, and good manners are always appreciated, but try to make excuses only for true omissions, and not for your general feeling. The man that is always groveling will never get married.

What should you always tell the Russian girl?

  • Compliments. Repeat to her: "I adore your body". Russian women totally know about their physical demerits. That's is why in every conversation you should underline that you worship her body, think of it during the days and during the nights you see it in your dreams. It is surprising, but most of the men undervalue the power of compliments. When woman tell you "I adore your profile", in answer you absently murmur: "Thanks, babe. I also love you." well, "love you" is not bad, but most of Russian girls would like to hear "I love your body" or "I truly like your hair".
  • Be romantic. Russian women love sensitivity, if she suspects that the source of it is your romantic feelings. Tell her about your dreams and expectations from the future. But attention: don't go too far with sensitivity. Russian girls don't like that. Especially they don't like the men that are more sensitive to their own problems than to problems of their partner.
  • From time to time you should tell her something sweet, like: "I am very grateful to you." Appreciation of small items, or demonstration of good breeding and the evidences of approval makes the Russian woman to be confident that you need her.

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