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Types of women according to orient horoscope

To four types of men there are four types of marriage women. In contrast to a man that seems to be a person of integrity, there are two types of personality that is laid in each women, because of bifurcation: the first one is outward image and the second one is her behavior. And only clear idea about two halves of female personality is a key to understanding any marriage. And it is a bifurcation of women's essence that underlies orient horoscope.

A woman is a mistress of situation in marriage and love. A man, as a person of more integrity, longs for some isolation. Marriage is verily women's mission, this is a sphere of action where man is just a guest. In every woman a man can find either identity of one of her halves, or to set up firm romantic relations. So, there are types of women according to orient horoscope.

Romantic women

These women are born in years of the Horse, the Tiger and the Dog. Image of these women, their thoughts, ideals, way of life, manners - everything is subordinate to will and romantic love. But their mind and thinking don't correspond to this image. These are logical, cold and analytical personalities without unnecessary emotions, with linearity, straight-outness, with inferiority complexes, ambitions and self-abasement at the same time. They can make an amazing impression, but unfortunately they don't have inner strength to maintain this image. That is why divergence between word and deed, plan and its realization that is typical for women, become brightly apparent in these three signs. Thanks to their appearance and manners nobody around has any doubts about their strong personality. Nobody, except themselves.

Thus, the creation of woman's happiness can be considered as a science which can be leant by any man. May be then the world will become kinder too. Because when love exists, there is kindness, understanding, there is no place for the bad things, and a happiness will flourish. Everything is connected in this world.

But still these women are lack of will, although they can corroborate their high ambitions, their logical thinking gives them, with their really male intellect. Very often they are on the verge of breakdown or disaster. Their volitional impulse together with linearity of thinking push them ahead, not guaranteeing good results. They always aspire forward, they don't stop at what they have achieved, but they always have doubts about everything. Appearance of these women are always deceptive. They can't be just decoration of life, they always need activity, because nature rewards them with perpetual machine, with high intellectual possibilities and it almost never deprives them with talents. They have wonderful abilities to rule people and high capacity to work.

Romantic beauty of these women can be indifferent to not many people. And not every man can follow such romantic creature that thinks fast and changes all the time. Not every man corresponds to demands of women that are belong to these three signs. For a man it's rather difficult to be in their scheme. From here there are all disappointments, complexes and torments both for a woman and her companions. When they are in love, they often create their own romantic ideal of their chosen one. But when they put pink glasses off, they meet with failure in private life. They should learn how to repress their weaknesses and then they could be happy.

Only when a man is occupied with something and when he is an outstanding person, only then a calling of these women to be an associate, to live with his occupation and to keep faith to him becomes apparent. But how many disappointments are waiting for each of these women, till she would be able to find the man she needs! Representatives of romantic ideal women are Merlin Monro, Rommy Schneider, Patricia Kaas, Liza Minelli, Inessa Armand, Sofia Kovalevskaya, Lubov Orlova and others.

Strong women

Keeping the signed image of militant Cock, Snake and Bull with their ambitions, energy linearity and complexes, these women have the highest form of will - will of intellect that is controlled by will. Not all women can incarnate this will. Outward militant image and absence of innovation are barriers for this. The strength of their policy, their guidance don't know competition in a women's world and are not afraid even of men's competition. Bifurcation, militant language and existing social stereotypes often prevent these women from making their political career. And nevertheless, such their representatives as Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Corazon Aquino, Mariya Stuart and Katherine II, governed a whole state even stronger than most male politicians.

For male historians it's grievously difficult to admit the strength of women's governing, because in this case the myth about women as creatures that are lack of will pulls down, and it's hard to believe that unbridled love element can come together with sober mind and tough will. One should distinguish success of strong women in politics the cause of which on the one hand is powerful will and linearity, but on the other hand their inability to influence people.

Rational will often comes together with romantic love. It is love that at the same time their Achilles' heel and the source of inspiration for these women. Representatives of strong women put very high demands and not every man can achieve them. In love they choose their partner themselves. Probably only these women among all representatives of weaker sex long for combining three things: to create solid family, to be a happy mother and to achieve success in their business career. Many of them can achieve this aim, others rush from one extreme to another, because they love their family so much, are proud of their children and want to get to the top of success.

Charming women (those that were born in years of the Rat, the Monkey and the Dragon)

Female representatives of these three signs are living picture of women's beauty, elegance, refinement and weakness. They make an impression of airy creatures that don't care about sinful Earth. With all their appearance they remind men that there are love and beauty on Earth. Their beauty is rather cold and that is why loving image of these women doesn't have sexual continuation. Very often they make men fall for them not for the aim representatives of stronger sex think about. Everything is over after passionate kisses and eternal oaths about love. In family life women of these three signs continue their line, they long for beauty, prosperity and peace. Usually this ideal of beauty and serenity shows itself in longing for salon life, for abundance of beautiful and expensive things. Very often they despise everyday life for its inevitability or reconcile themselves to it patiently, although indifferently.

Women of the type we describe it here are created for love and admiration, although sober mind and common sense never leave them, whichever madnesses of love would be done for the sake of them. They need material well-being and serenity. As any realist most of all they worry about their own health, health of their close people and everyday well-being. Not having life calmness these women are able for sudden fits of anger. And absence of distinctness in everyday life can cause shocks and tragedies.

Being an embodiment of women's weakness and exposure, they overcome their difficulties in a feminine way through whims, hysterics and tears, in other words, very roughly and emotionally. They let everything pass through themselves, from here their knowledge of people is, knowledge of life truth. They express themselves with hoarding that is strongly pronounced, but at the same time they don't like to deny themselves anything. These women have a very complicated character. They are sly by their nature, but also they have diplomatic skills.

These women are good for marriage, although one should always remember about their particular features. In scanty and worried life for them it's even harder to build family well-being than to others. Female representatives of this type are Marina Tsvetayeva, George Sand, Elza Triolet, E.-L. Voynich, A. Kolontay, Katherine I, G.Sabbatini.

Independent women (those were born in years of the Pig, The Cat and the Goat)

These women are representatives of most mysterious signs. Their outward calmness and coldness hide mystic thinking, magical strength and will over men. Just in this bifurcation of women becomes apparent with such unexpected and discouraging power. All these women posses rather sober view of life, but when it's time to act, here they show their specific character: they trust dreams and signs more than reality. And even real life is interesting for them in its extreme manifestations than in calm flow. From all 12 types of women, only they are absolutely independent from men. They are a source of will, but they are not source of love. Love and will always fight in a human being binding each other with this opposition. And here there is only will and that is why these women are absolutely free.

These women are able to uphold their independence in every situation and it doesn't matter how much strength they would need for this. And they have this strength this is their will. It can appear naturally, independently from proprietress desire. This is it that incite its possessor for great sacrifices, feats, revelations and even crimes. Women of these signs can shine in all spheres of activity that need taste, hospitality and good representation. They are great intellectuals, they always long for new knowledge and read a lot.

For these women marriage is not the end in itself: they easily can do even without it. But on the other hand, maybe these women even more than others are capable to maintain the freshness of married relations, in marriage they are capable for the most ideal harmony in spiritual, sexual and household spheres. Independent women formed a mystic picture of real world. Greatest thinkers-mystics were born in years of these signs: Mary Baker-Eddy, Elena Blavatskaya, Elena Rerih, prophetess Vanga, yogi Indra Devy and writer Anna Schmidt.

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