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What does a woman want? The Russian woman answers.

This question is not only on the Mell Gibson's mind in the movie of the same name. This question bothers almost all the men. And almost all of them consider women to be a puzzle, some men think that they are delicate and mysterious, the others consider them to be offensive and secret.

Men are strange people. Instead of asking a woman something straight to face ( for instance, "Honey, do you want a fur?"), they build their fantasies and try agree with what they thought. It happens very seldom that the man really thinks that a woman wants to be only with him, but not tries to find a man with the better car, greener eyes and someone with the less number of relatives.

So what are the mistakes in the men's thoughts about the women and what they want. The Russian women speak.

  • ...handsome men. Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Bred Pitt. We, women, are guilty of this partly too. When we admire somebody, we make the man compare himself with the person we are delighted with. But I am in hurry to say: there will be the threat in the relationship only if the admiration will become systematical.
  • ...lonely man. It is certainly about his relatives. The relationship with the married man is one of the most hopeless cases. But it is important to let the man know that we are absolutely fine with his parents, ants, brothers or sisters. Even if a man loves his second half very much, he will still has other important people in his life, for example friends. All you need to do is to convince the man that his family is not an enemy for you.
  • man. It is a very slippery question. One of my best friends did not propose a girl to date with him because he thought that he would need a lot of money to spend on her, or he will not be interested for her at all. If we take the fact that the girl was nice and modest and she liked that man very much, into consideration, we can make the conclusion that the problem was in his head only. It is true that money plays some role in the relations, but only proportionally to the man's income.
  • ...experienced man. It does not matter if it is about his rise to Everest or military service. The most important problem of most of the men is his diffidence, it is when he tries to compare himself with other men, especially with those who are differ from him in some good way.

As a rule, it cause the excitement among the women, and it makes a man nervous because he is lack of such adventures in his life experience. But the coziness of the home and confidence in the future is much better. This is what has to be valued in men. But there are also some things that are well known among the men. And we do not need to dissuade them from the fact that Russian women like clever, well-bred, intelligent and strong men. It is so because the beloved man who is beside the woman meets all these qualities.

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