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Read woman's eyes and define her feelings

Eyes is the mirror of the soul

The art of perceiving women

Eyes of a person play a great role in the art of perceiving people. It is the most informative component of the appearance. The peculiarities of character, past experience and even intellectual abilities are reflected in eyes. You can define person's feelings, gradations of emotional states and moods looking in his/her eyes.

The specialists in physiognomy of the face recommend, "to read" the face starting from eyes. Every person has his/her peculiar eyes and its color is very often a heritable sign. Different color of eyes is determined by a different content of pigments in an iris. If the layer of pigments is thin and tender, the eyes are blue. If it is moderate, the eyes are brown. And if it is thick, the eyes are black.

It is known from long ago that the character of a person depends on the color of his/her eyes. Judging from eyes, you can define not only about the feelings of person at the moment, but also about his personal features as well. Green-eyed are very tender, as a rule. Women with such a rare color of eyes won't stay indifferent to your love. And they always love sincerely and passionately. And they stay faithful to the person they love. These are the people of action. Green eyes are peculiar to a person-knight. Their friends appreciate their reliability and kindness; their enemies hate them for their principles and firmness. They do not seek leadership. And the role of indispensable, but "very respective" second one is enough for them.

Blue and gray eyes are peculiar to a woman-creator, who very often have the authority among the other people and very often reach success in an extraordinary way. Blue eyes hide lies. They belong to people who are strong-willed, aim-oriented and who don't have excessive tenderness and flabbiness. Blue-eyed go straight to their aim. It is hard to move them to pity by tears, asks and even suffers. It is not easy with such people in a family life. Blue eyes are the sign of a sensible person.

Gray eyes are common to curious persons. These people are always interested in something. And we can say that these eyes are the eyes of successful people. They have success in everything: love, work, and career. Gray-green-brown eyes (mid-Russian) belong to a weak-willed and not a determined person. People with such eyes are faithful to their fate.

Brown eyes belong to a person who is attractive and is inclined to caprices. They select their second half judging of a principle: who can sacrifice the most for them. Light-brown eyes tell about pragmatic character of their bearer. Dark-brown eyes are peculiar to sensible, passionate people, with an impulsive and emotional character. But frankly speaking they can easily forget their offences and very easily go on reconciliation. Dark-brown eyes is the sign of an energetic person. Black eyes are a sign of passionate and loving person. It is hard to hold these persons from what they have taken in their heads.

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