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What is Russian woman's happiness and how to create it?

What is woman's happiness? We can say that last century Russian women has completely equalized in rights with the men. And the relationship between a man and a woman gained the functional character. Today she is free in her choice - to devote herself to the family, or to the science or literature. And in most cases there is nothing bad in it. it is all right. It is so because this is the way you feel that the life does not go without no purpose.

Woman's happiness, although happiness as it is - is the subjective concept. Everybody has his or her own opinion. There are as much opinions as people in the world. That is why it is hardly can be formulated by certain criteria. But at the same time we can feel sone general suppositions of the women' happiness. So if you arrange the questioning among the Russian women, you will probably get the following answers:

  • to merry favorably;
  • to have the beloved one beside her;
  • when you have your beloved and loving person in your life, kids that bring joy and griefs by their tricks, when there is a calm and normal life in the family without the faithfulness and quarrels.
  • to be independent and be able to have everything you wish.
And so on. As we can see, there are a lot of answers and their main parts is connected with the men. And it seems to be understandable.

Happiness is not the aim or something. It is inside of us. "The feeling of happiness make our deepest wishes come true sooner." And if it is really so, we can say that a person can create the happiness by his or her own and everything in our hands... We can find happiness in the simplest displays of life, and we enjoy it - and our life becomes richer. We should feel the fullness of life, be thankful for every moment we live - and the a miracle will certainly come true and we will get the reward - we will get happiness.

It is true that woman's happiness depends on men in most cases. There is no doubt here. Moreover, making a woman happy gives the man the opportunity to become happy too because everything has its way back. That is why men should be more patient, tender to our pretty women. It is so because they truly deserve it. Some attention, care, tenderness and love - and you will realize that a woman's happiness is created.

A Russian woman needs a partner. The partner in everything...

In one word, you need to be a diplomatist. If a woman will hear from us, men, how beautiful she is, clever and attractive all the time, - her eyes will be full of shine of happiness. And if she will be sure that we do not waste our words and are reliable in our actions for the family, you will become the only one and unique for her without no doubts. It is important to be able to talk to a woman. If you do it not because you want her to leave you alone but sincerely going deeply to her problems and concerns - she will certainly give you her smile and will make a compliment to you.

Thus, the creation of woman's happiness can be considered as a science which can be leant by any man. May be then the world will become kinder too. Because when love exists, there is kindness, understanding, there is no place for the bad things, and a happiness will flourish. Everything is connected in this world.

For dessert I would say something nice and tasty. I invented something for myself recently. There is the dish in the cookery called "woman's happiness"! The main ingredients: 1 beet, 2 apples, 2 spoons of mayonnaise, raisins and nuts. The way to cook it: To boil the beet, cool it. To peel the apples and grate them. To the bottom of the plate you should put the apples first and than the beet. To put the mayonnaise between the layers, and add the raisins. Then to decorate the top of the dish with the nuts. Bon appetite! And be happy!

Bill and my russian love Anna for men of Cindyagency!

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